API Ammo Lock 

    Is scientifically proven to protect fish cells against ammonia in aquarium water.
    If the aquarium tests positive for ammonia, act quickly by doing a partial water change and then neutralize the ammonia.  Ammonia is toxic to fish cells, especially the gills. 

    Ammo Lock is a liquid treatment proven to protect fish cells from ammonia.  It works instantly, in both fresh and saltwater aquariums, to detoxify ammonia and remove chlorine and chloramines. Ammo Lock locks up ammonia in a non-toxic form until it can be broken down by the tank's natural biological filter. 


        Quick Facts

    • Detoxifies ammonia in aquariums.
    • Works instantly.
    • No refrigeration necessary.
    • For use in fresh and saltwater.
    • Eliminates fish stress and promotes healthy gill function.
    • Dosage is 5ml every 40 Ltrs.



    • Use the API dosing cap on the bottle and shake well.  
    • Add 5ml per 40 Ltrs of aquarium water.
    • Continue to add Ammo Lock every 2 days until ammonia is not detected.

      API Ammo Lock

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