API Copper Test Kit  

    Copper, a common treatment for many parasitic infections, must be monitored in an aquarium or a pond. The copper level can drop too low for the treatment to be effective, or can increase to a point that is detrimental to fish health. Copper may even be present in your tap water. This kit allows you to easily and accurately monitor copper levels to maintain copper-based fish treatments at therapeutic levels. Tests copper levels from 0 to 4 ppm. Measures both free and chelated copper. For use in Freshwater or Saltwater Aquariums or Ponds


        Quick Facts:

    • Measures Copper levels quickly.
    • Tests copper levels from 0 to 4 ppm.
    • For use in freshwater and seawater aquariums.
    • Ideal for all fish species tank water testing.
    • Includes all equipment required to perform the test.
    • Includes an instruction booklet.
    • Fast, easy, and accurate for precise test results.


            API Copper Test Kit

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