API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner (118ml)

    Combines the water conditioning of Goldfish Protect and the cleaning power of Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner. Goldfish Protect removes chlorine and chloramines and detoxifies ammonia. Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner works naturally to break down solid fish waste and helps keep gravel clean by removing organic sludge.

    Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner makes cleaning dirty Goldfish aquariums and bowls easy. Fish waste, uneaten food and other organic matter can produce toxic ammonia and nitrite which can cause stress, illness and death. Made with beneficial bacteria cultures, API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner naturally breaks down solid fish waste, cleans gravel, removes sludge and reduces ammonia and nitrite. Use once a week during your water change to keep your tank or bowl clean and healthy.

        Quick Facts

    • Ideal for freshwater Goldfish aquariums.
    • Removes chlorine, neutralizes chloramines.
    • Detoxifies ammonia.
    • Naturally breaks down solid fish waste, cleans gravel and removes sludge.
    • Use when setting up aquarium or changing water.  

    API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner

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      We use the API product range in our store daily & can highly recommend them to our customers.

    • Available Product Sizes

      This product can be purchased in the following sizes: 118ml only.

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