API Marine Complete Trace (473ml)

    A natural source of over 60 trace elements found in sea water plus iodine. Replenishes trace element imbalance in marine and reef aquariums caused by protein skimming as well as other natural aquarium processes.

    For use in all marine aquariums, including reef aquariums containing soft and hard corals, live rock, coralline algae, crustaceans, starfish and saltwater fish.


        Quick Facts

    • Adds key trace elements plus iodine.
    • Restores all trace elements found in sea water.
    • All Natural.
    • Maintains proper water conditions in aquariums containing hard and soft coral.
    • Helps prevent fish loss.
    • No refrigeration required.
    • Dosage is 20ml treats 40 Ltrs of aquarium water.



    • Use the API dosing cap on the bottle and shake well.  
    • Add 20ml for every 40 Ltrs of aquarium water.
    • Weekly supplementation is recommended for best results.

        API Marine Complete Trace

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