API Proper pH 6.5

    Automatically sets & stabilizes pH at 6.5. Removes chlorine & detoxifies heavy metals.

    Great for Tetras, Discus, and Angels. Contains electrolytes to reduce fish stress. Use when setting up an aquarium or changing water. 


      Quick Facts

    • Sets and stabilizes pH to 6.5.
    • Ideal for freshwater community aquariums.
    • Removes chlorine, neutralizes chloramines.
    • Adds electrolytes and detoxifies heavy metals.
    • Resists pH rebound.
    • Use when setting up aquarium or changing water. 



    • Remove enclosed scoop. 
    • Shake well to mix powder. 
    • Add 1 scoop for every 40 Ltrs of aquarium water. 
    • Repeat dose when pH test indicates a pH change of more than 0.2. 

        API Proper pH 6.5

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