Common Name: Dwarf Sucker Catfish or Oto Catfish
Scientific Name: Otocinclus affinis   

Max Size: 5 cm

Origin: South America
Temperament: Generally peacful schooling community fish.
Water Perameters: Temperature 21 - 27 C and pH 5.5 - 7.5
Description: A black line runs from the snout through the eye until it reaches the caudal fin. The catfish is dark tan above the line and light tan below. The Dwarf Sucker Catfish Males tend to be smaller than females.
They will need some tall plants or decorations to cling on to as they prefer the middle to top of tank area to feed.
Breeding: Difficult to breed in home aquariums. In the wild this species lays eggs on plants.



Dwarf Sucker Catfish

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  • Specification's

    Common Name Dwarf Sucker Catfish
    Scientific Name Otocinclus affinis
    Origin                 South America
    Max Size  5 cm
    Community Safe Yes
    pH Range

    5.5 - 7.5

    Diet Type Herbivore
    Min Tank Size Small
    Temperature Range 21 - 27 C
    Care Level Moderate

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