The Bluelined Surgeonfish (Acanthurus nigroris) is also known as the Lined Surgeonfish, Blue Banded Surgeonfish, Clown Surgeonfish, Striped Surgeon, Striped Surgeonfish and Zebra Surgeonfish

They are a quite common reef fish that varies from light gray to almost black in color, always with fine wavy blue lines running from the head to tail. Their base color changes at will from a light gray to almost black.

They can sometimes display a white ring around their tail, neon blue margins along the fin edges and a pair of black spots at the base of the dorsal and anal fins.

Bluelined Surgeonfish 6-10 cm

SKU: 012100010106
  • Specification's

    Common Name

    Bluelined Surgeonfish

    Scientific Name Acanthurus nigroris

    Indo-Pacific, Hawaii 

    Max Size 25 cm
    Reef Safe Yes
    Min Tank Size Medium
    Diet Herbivore
    Care Level Moderate
    Temperament Semi-Aggressive

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