The Brown Surgeonfish (Acanthurus nigrofuscus) is also known as the Lavender Tang and the Spotted-Cheeked Surgeonfish. They are a great choice for a reef tank setting with inverts or corals and will graze on any algae all day long. They are also quite fine to be kept in a fish only community tank. The Brown Surgeonfish is very peaceful and gets along with most fish, except other members of the Tang family, where they sometimes can become aggressive to each other.

One of the most popular marine fish species in the aquarium hobby is the Surgeonfish, all of which are in the family Acanthuridae. Within this family, the hobbyist will find everything from common aquarium basics to rare collector level exotics at high-end prices.
They derive their family name from the Greek meaning “thorn tail” but are better known to aquarists in the hobby as Tangs, Surgeonfish or even Doctorfish.
Many are very attractive with exquisite colors and markings, they all have unique personalities, and will also help keep your aquarium surfaces clean.
However, when it comes to hardiness they can sometimes be a little below what we expected, some can be quite aggressive, and certain species can get too big for anything but the largest home aquarium.
Tangs, Surgeonfish and or Doctorfish can be found throughout the tropical and sub-tropical oceans of the world. Aptly named, the Surgeonfish they have one and sometimes two razor sharp protrusions (scalpels) or spines on each side of their tails.
Surgeonfish are all Herbivores as a rule and reside in the clear waters of the coral reefs. These vegetarians' main food source is algae, although they will eat meaty foods along with the other fish in the aquarium.
It is very important that they are offered plenty of marine based seaweed and algae as the main portion of their diet, to cater for their Herbivore preferences. This will strengthen the Tangs / Surgeonfish immune system, reduce aggression and improve their overall health. Different species and even individuals do have variable diets though, and some will eat some things that others will not.
Tang / Surgeonfish make a wonderful addition to the reef or fish only aquarium display.
Depending on the variety /species and size of the Tang / Surgeonfish, they can be kept alone or in small groups. If more than one species of Tang fish or Surgeonfish is going to be kept, introduce different species along with different-sized specimens simultaneously to limit aggression over territory.

Brown Surgeonfish 3-6 cm

SKU: 012100010173
  • Specification's

    Common Name

    Brown Surgeonfish

    Scientific Name Acanthurus nigrofuscus
    Origin Indonesia, Hawaii, Red Sea
    Max Size 20 cm
    Reef Safe Yes
    Min Tank Size Medium
    Diet Herbivore
    Care Level Easy
    Temperament Semi-Aggressive

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