Common name: Cardinal Tetra

Species name: Paracheirodon axelrodi

Maximum size: 5 cm
Origin: The Cardinal Tetra is widespread from Brazil to Eastern Colombia.
Temperament: Peaceful

Company: Cardinal Tetras are very suitable for community aquariums

Water parameters: Temperature 22 - 26˚C and pH 6.0 – 7.5

Aquarium setup: The Cardinal Tetra prefers a densely planted aquarium with dark bottom substrate. Leave some open space in the center of the aquarium. It is recommendable to use floating plants to dim the light. These fishes are sensitive to nitrites and regular water changes are a necessity. Cardinal Tetras should only be kept in schools of ten or more fishes. The Cardinal Tetra is a very popular fish which unfortunately can be a bit sensitive. Neon tetras are a very similar species that is hardier and a better choice for beginners.

Breeding: Live foods is often required to get them in spawning condition. They are hard to breed and the fry is sensitive. They prefer very soft acidic water. They lay their eggs among fine leaved plants. The breeding pair should be removed as soon as the spawning is completed as they sometimes eat their own egg and fry. (It is possible to breed this species in a permanent breeding aquarium tank.) Each spawning can result in over 500 eggs. The fry is very small and requires very small food.


Cardinal Tetra 6,000 KHR

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  • Specification's

    Common Name Cardinal Tetra

    Scientific Name

    Paracheirodon axelrodi
    Origin                South America
    Max Size 5 cm
    Community Safe Yes
    pH Range

    6.0 - 7.5

    Diet Type Omnivore
    • Min Tank Size
    Temperature Range 22 - 26
    Care Level Easy

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