Jebao PU-7 

The Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) is a must have in any fish keeping system. The UV clarifier effectively eliminates algae and pathogens as well as harmful bacteria through the ultra violet light treatment.

The algae particles that causes the green water are made to clump together by the UV light, so that they are a larger size and can now be filtered out to give clear clean water that the fish require.

The Jebao PU-7 is designed to be used in 2 ways, firstly with an existing filtration system, which normally includes a mechanical and biological filter, filter pump and hose or it can be used separately with a pump only system. The PU-7 unit is weatherproof but not waterproof and must never submerged in water.

To prevent reoccurring algae growth and green water, the Jebao UVC should be run for 24 hours a day for the first month and in day light hours thereafter.

The water must be pumped through the unit and the UV can be positioned before or after the filtration system as need be.

Every Jebao PU model has a safe visual inspection glass for regular checking of the systems operation.



Inlet / Outlet sizes: 20 / 25 / 32 and 40mm to fit a flexible hose

Length: 310 mm

Diameter: 85 mm

Replaceable 7 Watt globe

Safe glass viewing window for regular inspection of the globes operation

Comes with almost 10 meters of water proof rubberized black cable


What size UVC do I need?

At Aquarium Solutions Cambodia our policy is 5w per 1500 Litres in a shaded pond with minimal fish and about 10w per 1500 Litres in a pond with full sun or heavily stocked with fish.

You should always purchase a bigger size UV than you think you will need, as buying one too small will not only waste money, but struggle to cope with the load and fail to clear the water.

Jebao PU-7 Ultra Violet Clarifier

SKU: 0001100010101
  • Jebao PU Series

    Model Water Volume Unit size mm
    PU-7 3.5 m3 L 310 x W 85
    PU-9 4.5 m3 L 310 x W 85
    PU-11 5.5 m3 L 310 x W 85
    PU-18 8.0 m3 L 315 x W 85
    PU-36 18 m3 L 505 x W 85
    PU-55 25 m3 L 625 x W 85


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