Common NameDwarf Sucker Catfish or Oto Catfish.
Scientific Name: Otocinclus affinis.

Max Size: 5cm

Origin: South America.

pH Range: 6.0 - 7.5

Temperature: 22 - 28°C

Temperament with same species: Peaceful.

Temperament with other species: Peaceful.

Tank Level: All Levels.

Lifespan: 5 years.

Reproduce: Spawning.

Aquarium Setup: There are about 22 species of Otocinclus Sp available, The Oto is usually a solitary fish, although they can also be easily kept in groups in much larger tanks and ponds, where extra Algae for their food source will grow. They will spend the majority of their time sucking away on rocks, leaves, or anything with algae growing on it. So decorate the aquarium with a large amount of foliage against which this Dwarf Sucker can contrast. Sufficient lighting is also necessary to bring out the true colors and glimmer of these fish. Its natural South American habitat is densely grown and the Oto Cat will therefore appreciate a heavily planted aquarium. They are very active and inhabit all areas of the aquarium or pond; top, middle and bottom as they continually graze on all surfaces.

Sexing: (Dificult)

Breeding: Difficult to breed in captivity.

Dwarf Sucker Catfish 8,000 KHR

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  • Species Details

    Common Name

    Dwarf Sucker Catfish

    Otto Catfish

    Scientific Name Otocinclus affinis
    Origin                 South America
    Max Size  5cm
    Community Safe Yes
    pH Range

    6.0 - 7.5

    Diet Type Herbivore
    Min Tank Size Small
    Temperature Range 22 - 28°C
    Care Level Moderate

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