The Gem Tang (Zebrasoma Gemmatum) is also known as the Spotted Tang.

This is an extremely difficult fish to find in the aquarium trade and they demand very high prices on the rare days they become available. So it is quite a unique occasion to have the opportunity to purchase one.

We believe it’s called the Gem Tang due to the enormous price tags they come with. They are only found close to reefs in the Western Indian Ocean near South Africa.

The Gem Tang is famously known for its spectacular brilliant white spots across its shimmering jet black body. The electric yellow tail fin further adds to the Gem Tang's distinction. The Gem Tang is best suited as the centerpiece to a large show tank or reef tank with excellent filtration.

Gem Tang 10-15 cm

SKU: 012100010127
  • Specification's

    Common Name

    Gem Tang

    Scientific Name Zebrasoma gemmatum
    Origin Indian Ocean
    Max Size 20 cm
    Reef Safe Yes
    Min Tank Size Medium
    Diet Herbivore
    Care Level Moderate
    Temperament Semi-Aggressive

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