Common name: Glowlight Tetra
Species name: Hemigrammus erythrozonus
Maximum size: 5 cm
Origin: Guyana

Temperament: Peaceful
Company:  The Glowlight Tetra are suitable for community aquariums.
Water parameters: Temperature 24 - 27°C and pH 5.5 - 7.0

Temperament: Peaceful
Company: Glowlight Tetras are suitable for community aquariums.
Aquarium setup: The Glowlight Tetra prefers an aquarium with dimmed lighting and dense vegetation. Leave some spaces free to create areas to swim. The Glowlight Tetra should never be kept in groups of less then 10.
Breeding:  The Glowlight Tetra is hard to breed although easier than many other tetra species. The fry hatches within 24 hours and are free swimming after 3 - 4 days. Feed the fry microworms and newly hatched brine shrimp.

Glowlight Tetra

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  • Specification's

    Common Name Glowlight Tetra
    Scientific Name Hemigrammus erythrozonus
    Origin Guyana
    Max Size 5 cm
    Community Safe Yes
    pH Range

    5.5 - 7.0

    Diet Type Omnivore
    Min Tank Size     Small
    Temperature Range 24 - 27 C
    Care Level Easy

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