Hailea Aquarium Chiller HS 90A:

Demonstrating a high quality design with superb precision engineering, this low noise chiller has an accurate and easy readable digital display with clear numbering and touch functions for fast operation. 

This Hailea HS chiller uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R 134a and has a solid steel chassis with a modern contemporary designed exterior.

The Hailea HS Chillers have an anti-corrosive titanium coil for fresh or salt water usage.

The Hailea Aquarium Chiller HS 90A is suitable for aquariums up to 600 litres in volume and has a recommended flow rate of 1200 to 3000 litres per hour.


Quick Facts:

For Aquariums 300 to 600 litres.

Dimensions L 460 mm x W 420 mm x H 590 mm. 

Recommended flow rate 1200 to 3000 LPH.

Minimum cooling temperature setting is 3.0 degrees.

The unit color is black with a silver front.

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Low noise producing chiller.

Accurate digital display. 

Chassis built from solid steel.

Anti-corrosive titanium coil.

Modern contemporary design.

High quality materials.

Superb precision.

Easy to operate.

Easily readable display for instant and easy operation.

Hailea Chiller HS 90A

SKU: 0001100010010
  • Specification's

    Model HS 90A

    220 - 240 Volts

    Frequency 50 Hz
    Power 1/2 HP   ( 373 Watts )
    Working Current 2.4 Amps
    Water Refrieration Capicity 300 - 600 Litres
    Refrigerant Gas  R 134a
    Rate of Flow Per Hour 1200 - 3000 Litres
    Unit Dimensions in mm

    L 460 x W 320 x H 590

    Unit Weight                          18 Kg

    1 x Chiller

    2 x straight hose    


    2 x angled hose





  • HS Chiller Series

    Product            Recommended Flow Rate   Aquarium Size 
    HS - 28A 250 to 1200 LPH 200 Litres
    HS - 52A 1000 to 2500 LPH  300 Litres 
    HS - 66A 1000 to 2500 LPH 400 Litres 
    HS - 90A  1200 to 3000 LPH  600 Litres 

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