Hikari Algae Wafers

A scientific diet for plecostomus and other algae eating fish, including marine Herbivores. 


  Quick Facts

* Perfect for herbivores.

* Nutritional excellence.

* High levels of vegetable matter that algae eaters prefer and love

* High in stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health.

* Highly balanced nutrition.

* Unique disc shape allows easy access.

* Will not dissolve nor cloud the water.

* Great for saltwater fish too.

* Great for all types of vegetable eaters including fish, snails and crustaceans.

Hikari Algae Wafers

  • Aquarium Solutions Says

    We recommend Hikari Algae Wafers as a daily diet for Plecostomus and other algae eaters, including marine herbivores.

  • Feeding Guide

    • Feed no more than the amount your fish will completely consume within 2 hours.
    • Many bottom feeders are nocturnal, for best results feed late in the day or at night.
    • Always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period to avoid any health-impacting water quality issues.
  • Available Product Sizes

    This product can be purchased in the following sizes: 20g, 40g, 82g and 250g.

  • Aquarium Solutions Product Prices

    Product Size Our Low Price
    20g Packet Out of Stock
    40g Packet Out of Stock
    82g Packet Out of Stock
    250g Packet Out of Stock


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