Hikari Oranda Gold

Provides marvelous growth and desirable form. Promotes true Lionhead development normally not possible without feeding live foods while eliminating the parasite and bacterial problems normally associated with these types of foods

Oranda Gold was developed specifically to promote prominent head growth while enhancing the coloration of goldfish kept indoors where adequate UV rays are not available to help them formulate colors. It’s great for Oranda, Lionhead, Azumanishiki, Ranchu and most other fancy goldfish. Regular feeding insures desirable body structure and excellent appearance.


     Quick Facts

* Floating pellet.

* Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten.

* Excellent color enhancing.

* Outstanding nutrition

* Contains carotene for active color.

* Great taste.

* Desirable form possible without feeding live foods.

* Marvelous growth of pronounced head.

* Live food not required, eliminating the potential for parasite or bacteria problems.

* Will not cloud the water.

* Contains stabilized vitamin C.

* Supports immune system health.

* Excellent daily diet.

* Nutrient mix promotes growth.

* Bio-technology provides a basis for the best color enhancing capacity available.

* Helps prevent color fading.

* Noticeable color changes within 30-45 days.

          Hikari Oranda Gold

          • Aquarium Solutions Says

            We recommend Hikari Oranda Gold as a daily diet for all types of premium grade or fancy goldfish, especially Oranda, Lionhead, Azumanishiki and Ranchu.

          • Feeding Guide

            • Feed 2 to 4 times daily the amount your fish will consume within a few minutes.
            • Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after feeding period to avoid health impacting water quality issues.
          • Available Product Sizes

            This product can be purchased in the following sizes: 100g & 300g.

            Pellet sizes are available in Mini only.

          • Aquarium Solutions Product Prices

            Product Size Our Low Price
            100g Packet Out of Stock
            300g Packet Out of Stock


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