Hikari Plankton (Fry Food)

Extensive research into the eating habits and living conditions of show grade koi have provided the Hikari team with the knowledge to develop this superb product. Hikari Plankton is rich in highly nutritious, freshly harvested ingredients including premium-selected fish meal which provides a superior protein source.

Hikari Plankton provides a uniquely balanced nutrient profile for the all important developmental stage of your fry's life. This semi-floating food allows fry at all levels of the aquarium ready access its exacting nutrition while reducing water quality issues commonly found with other fry foods.

Hikari Plankton is now available in three granules sizes to support optimum feeding at all stages of your fry's growth transition.


  Quick Facts

* Semi floating / semi sinking granules.

* Allows fry at all levels to feed.  

* Available in three granule sizes. 

* Will not cloud the water.

* Rich in fish meal and proteins.

* Great for use in grow out tanks.

* Fry add weight and girth rapidly.

* Natural enhancing capacity

* Contains stabilized vitamin C.

* Supports immune system health.

* Excellent daily diet.

* Outstanding nutrition.

* High protein levels.

* Easily digested.

* Promotes championship form.

          Hikari Plankton

          • Aquarium Solutions Says

            We highly recommend Hikari Plankton as a daily diet for all types of Koi, Goldfish, Pond & Aquarium fish from newborn fry to juvenile fish stages.

          • Feeding Guide

            • Feed 2 to 3 times daily the amount your fish will consume within a few minutes.
            • Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after feeding period to avoid health impacting water quality issues.
          • Available Product Sizes

            This product can be purchased in the following sizes: 400g only.

            Granule sizes are available in Early Period Use, Mid Period Use & Later Period Use only.

          • Aquarium Solutions Product Prices

            Product Size Our Low Price
            400g Early Period Use Out of Stock
            400g Mid Period Use Out of Stock
            400g Later Period Use Out of Stock


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