Hikari Shrimp Cuisine (10g)

Shrimp Cuisine has been developed after considerable research into the nutritional requirements of delicate and higher end shrimp. A formulation utilizing a wide range of ingredients including vegetable matter herbivorous shrimp prefer especially seaweed and spirulina.


  Quick Facts

* Sinking Disc – The World’s Smallest Manufactured Disc!

* Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten.

* Will not cloud the water.

* Produces natural, brilliant colors & rapid growth.

* Rich in natural color enhancers like spirulina and alfalfa meal.

* Reduces color fading due to the inclusion of astaxanthin.

* Promotes proper ecdysis (molting).

* Supports a healthy immune system.

    Hikari Shrimp Cuisine

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    • Aquarium Solutions Says

      We recommend Hikari Shrimp Cuisine as a daily diet for all types of freshwater ornamental shrimps, caridina and neocaridina species.

    • Feeding Guide

      • Feed multiple times daily, the amount your shrimp will consume within a few minutes. 
      • Always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period to avoid any health-impacting water quality issues.
    • Available Product Sizes

      This product can be purchased in the following sizes: 10g only

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