Jebao EC-1 Pond Cleaner

 This new style pond cleaner vacuum cleans the floor of any large pond in no time at all with ease.

This powerful and economical unit is simple to set up. You can be ready to use it almost instantly. It will draw up sludge, leaves, small stones & blanket weed.


Quick Facts:

50% energy saving compared to the PC-1.

The economical 120W motor has a large diameter vortex chopping blade impeller.

Motor protection if rotor is blocked.

Adjustable telescoping handle allows the unit to extend from 1.83m to 2.61m

Comes with 6 meters of 38mm smooth bore spiral ribbed waste hose.

Powerful motor can potentially draw 6000 L/ph of water.

Removes debris up to 25mm in diameter.

Pump can operate with a submerged depth of 5 Meters.

Comes with 2 x nozzle attachments (100mm wide and 225mm wide)

Remote controlled on/off switch on the handle with included battery.

The remote 240V switching receiver is fitted in the cable 1.9m from the cable plug.

Power cable is over 11 meters in length.

Safe to use with all types of pond fish.

Autoamtic power-off protection upon no water after 3 minutes


Jebao EC-1 Pond Vacuum

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  • Jebao EC Series

    Model Watts





    EC-1 120 6000 5.0 m


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