The Jebo UV-H9 Aquarium/Pond water sterilizer can be used for multiple applications.

By pumping the water at different specific speeds/flow rates, a Jebo UV-H9 sterilizer can be used against free floating bacteria, algae and or parasitic organisms.

For Example a flow rate suitable for controlling bacteria or free-floating algae spurs may not be effective against parasites. ASC has found that larger micro-organisms like parasites are much more resistant to the UV light and require a much slower flow rate that extends their UV exposure time to be most effective. To adjust the UV exposure time, simply increase or reduce the amount of water flowing through the Jebo UV-H9 unit as need be.


Quick Facts,

* Compact UV Unit.
* 20cm Long x 10cm in Diameter.

* UV Globe Included.

* Low Running Costs.

* 9 Watt Capacity.

* Suits Aquariums or Small Ponds.

* Clears Green Water Quickly.

* Controls Bad Bacteria Levels.

* Controls Free Swimming Parasite Levels.

* Long Product Life Time.

* Cable Length 2.2 Meters.
* Change the UV Globe Yearly for Best Results.

* Continuous Operation is Possible.

* Non Submersible Use is Required.



Packaging Size: 30cm Long x 19cm Wide x 10cm High.

Items in packaging: 1

Jebo 9 Watt UV 260,000 KHR

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