Common Name: Largescale Archerfish, Sevenspot Archerfish.

Scientific Name: Toxotes chatareus.

Max size: 30cm

Origin: Indo Pacific.

pH Range: 7.0 - 8.0

Temperature: 25 - 30°C

Temperament with same species: Semi-aggressive.

Temperament with other species: Semi-aggressive.

Tank Level: Mid to Top Levels.

Lifespan: 10 years.

Reproduce: Spawning.

Aquarium Setup: Archers live mainly in brackish mangrove swamps, so their tank water should also be brackish. Adults will require a specific gravity of around 1.010. Juveniles can handle freshwater but for their long term health, a salinity of around 2% is best. Moderate lighting with hardy plants that protrude above the water is a great way to replicate their natural environment. Make sure to have hiding places like driftwood and tall twisted roots similar to mangrove trees, this way the Archers feel much safer, comfortable and behave more actively. The substrate should consist of sand or fine gravel. The plants are best placed at the sides and corners of the tank, leaving the center open for free swimming. Archers are best kept in schools of 6 or more. Most importantly, Brackish water fish require very clean / well oxygenated water and a good filtrating system is critical for their well being.

Sexing: Difficult

Breeding: Difficult, In the wild they have been reported laying huge numbers of eggs numbering in the tens of thousands.

Largescale Archerfish 36,000 KHR

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  • Species Details

    Common Name

    Largescale Archerfish

    Scientific Name

    Toxotes chatareus


    Indo Pacific

    Max Size 30cm
    Community Safe Yes
    pH Range

    7.0 - 8.0

    Diet Type Carnivore
    Min Tank Size  Medium
    Temperature Range 25 - 30°C
    Care Level Moderate

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