The Mustard Guttatus Tang (Acanthurus guttatus) is also known as the White Spotted Surgeonfish. They have an oval to circular shaped body with an attractive dark gray base color. There are two strikingly defined silver stripes just behind the head while the back half of the fish is brilliantly complimented with multiple white spots. The tail and the pelvic fins are a contrast yellow with a jet black trim at the edges that offsets the gray body color perfectly. As The Mustard Guttatus Tang grows, the clear definition of stripes and spots on the juvenile fish begin to fade.

Mustard Guttatus Tang 15-20 cm

SKU: 012100010100
  • Specification's

    Common Name

    Mustard Guttatus Tang

    Scientific Name Acanthurus guttatus

    Indo-Pacific,Tahiti, Hawaii 

    Max Size 25 cm
    Reef Safe Yes
    Min Tank Size Medium
    Diet Herbivore
    Care Level Moderate
    Temperament Semi-Aggressive

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