The Naso Tang (Naso lituratus) is also known as the Barcheek Unicornfish, Masked Unicornfish, Orange-Spine surgeonfish, Orange-Spine Unicornfish, Pacific Orange-Spine Unicorn, Redlip Surgeonfish and Lipstick Tang. They have a brownish-grey colored body with a black face mask highlighted by yellow markings from around the eyes down to the mouths bright orange lips.
The dorsal fin is blue at the base, then black, and then ends with a white band along the outer margin. The anal fin is brownish orange at the base, turning to a brighter orange, with the outer margin trimmed in white. The tail has a crescent shaped border that is white inside, changing to a pale yellow color on the outer edge.
As with all Naso species, they have the ability to quickly and dramatically change color, depending on mood or environment. When excited or hiding in the reef their body can become almost black with gray blotchy patches.

Naso Tang 15-20 cm

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  • Specification's

    Common Name

    Naso Tang

    Scientific Name Naso lituratus 
    Origin Hawaii, Japan, Australia, Tahiti
    Max Size 35 cm
    Reef Safe Yes
    Min Tank Size Medium-Large
    Diet Herbivore
    Care Level Moderate
    Temperament Non-Aggressive

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