The Oriental Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus orientalis) is also known as Dogfish Orientalis, Lined Sweetlips, and the Oriental Dogfish. The Oriental Sweetlips is a wonderful fish that undergoes drastic coloration changes as it grows. As a juvenile, they have an attractive brown-and-white mottled pattern, and their cute wriggling swimming style makes them nearly irresistible to most in the hobby. As an adult, they become a much whiter body color with thin, black stripes running horizontally along the body. The fins are yellow and have black spots or lines with black edges. Bright yellow markings will appear on different parts of the head and body.
As adults, they are typically found near seaward facing reefs, where they swim just above the reef looking for prey items and avoiding larger open water predators. Whilst juvenile Oriental Sweetlips prefer to live amongst the smaller reef fish species that make their home within the corals and plant life. At nightfall, they venture from their shelters to feed and seek out bottom-dwelling invertebrates, such as bristle worms, shrimps, and small crabs.

Oriental Sweetlips 10-15 cm

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  • Specification's

    Common Name

    Oriental Sweetlip

    Scientific Name Plectorhinchus orientalis
    Origin Indo-Pacific, Indian Ocean
    Max Size 60 cm
    Reef Safe No
    Min Tank Size Large
    Diet Carnivore
    Care Level Difficult
    Temperament Semi-aggressive 

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