The RS 268A

Is an Overhead Aquarium Filtration unit using a Biological Filtration System.



* Beneficial bacteria grow & work very effectively due to the excellent air/water interaction as water passes thru and around the included ASC filter media components.

* Easy to do maintenance, just open the lid and replace the Filter Wool at required intervals.

* Uneaten food and solid fish waste can be easily spotted & removed before they can break down in to toxins, reducing the Bio load on the system.

* Excellent gas exchange between the water and air at the water inlet and outlet zones.
* Water re-entering the tank from the overhead filter creates good water circulation & brings returning water  with high levels of dissolved oxygen down to the lower regions of the Aquarium.


  Quick Facts,

* Recommended for Small to Medium sized tanks (up to 250 Ltrs).

* It’s easy to install.

* Safe and Durable.

* Super quite operation.

* Low energy consumption (20 Watt Pump).

* Can be used with multiple types of media.

* Can pump water from any position to increase circulation.

* Ajustable base supports from 35cm to 55cm

* Pump Cable Length: 1.0 m



Packaging Size: 39cm Long x 12cm Wide x 11cm High.

Items in packaging: 14

+ Free ASC Media Pack: Filter wool, Bio Ball & Pumice stones.

Filter RS 268A 92,000 KHR

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