Skimz SH1a Protein Skimmer is a magnetic mount Nano skimmer, which is easily installed in your tank or sump. Skimz SH1a mounts magnetically which allows you to place the skimmer in any position you require and the sliding collection cup with adjustable O-ring lets you fine tune the skim mate as need be. SH1a also can be installed in the tank filter chamber of many all-in-one style aquariums.

SH1a is a true Nano skimmer aimed at smaller aquariums and it will keep the water clear and clean.


SH1a Nano Skimmer Features:

• Small Footprint.
• Adjustable collection cup.
• Italian Air4 Pump.
• Includes strong neodymium mounting magnets.


Skimmer Specifications:

• Footprint: 85 x 85mm (3 3/8" x 3 3/8")

• Total height: 410 mm (16 1/8")

• Installation: Mounting magnet for in-tank use.


Pump Specifications:

• Model: Air4

• Air intake: 60 L/h

• Power consumption: 11W (230V 50Hz) or 9W (115V 60Hz)


Recommended for Aquariums:

• Up to 200 litres.



Designed for hang on use.


Skimz H-Series Protein Skimmer are now available in two different models: SH1a or SH2a and as with all Skimz Protien Skimmers, spare parts readily available.



Skimz SH1a Protein Skimmer

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