The Square Box Filter

Is a Internal Aquarium Filtration unit using a Air Driven Filtration System.



* Beneficial bacteria grow and work very effectively due to the excellent air/water interaction as water passes thru the included filter media components.

* Easy to do maintenance, just open the filter and change the square nylon filter wool at required intervals.

* Uneaten food and solid fish waste can be easily spotted & removed before they can break down in to toxins, reducing the Bio load on the system.

* Excellent gas exchange between the water and air at the water outlet zone.
* Water entering the filter creates good water circulation & mixes water with high levels of oxygen moving the lower water to the surface continuously.


  Quick Facts,

* Recommended for Smaller Tanks.

* Replacement Square Shaped Filter Wool Available Iin Store.

* Easy to Install.

* Internal Filter.

* Available in Green, Blue & Pink.

* Safe and Durable.

* Super Quite Operation.

* Low Energy Consumption (needs a small air pump).

* Can be used with Multiple Types of Media.

Square Filter 10,000 KHR

Product Size,
  • Available Product Options,

    This product can be purchased in the following options: Green, Blue, or Pink in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

  • Aquarium Solutions Product Prices

    Product Size  Our Low Price
    6 x 6 x 5 cm $ 2.50
    8 x 8 x 5 cm $ 3.50
    8 x 8 x 7 cm $ 4.50


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