The Orange Striped Bristletooth Tang (Ctenochaetus striatus) is also known as the Striated Surgeonfish and Orange Lined Tang

They have orange spots on the face and an olive body with many light orange colored wavy lines extending from the head to a light bluish-green forked tail.

The Orange Striped Bristletooth tangs get their name from the a protruding mouth with bristle-like teeth which they can actually move individually in order to sift, sort, and scrape in search of food.

The Striped Bristletooth Tang needs a well live rock stocked aquarium with plenty of hiding spots like caves and crevices to give an opportunity to carry out its natural browsing behavior. It is also important to have lots of clear swimming area along the rock walls for grazing.

 It is considered one of the best fish for controlling nuisance hair algae in the aquarium. The Striped Bristletooth Tang is considered aggressive towards other tangs and surgeonfish, but peaceful with other fish.

Orange Striped Bristletooth Tang 3-6 cm

SKU: 012100010093
  • Specification's

    Common Name

    Orange Striped Bristletooth Tang

    Scientific Name Ctenochaetus striatus

    Indo-Pacific, Polynesia,

    Great Barrier Reef

    Max Size 25 cm
    Reef Safe Yes
    Min Tank Size Medium
    Diet Herbivore
    Care Level Moderate
    Temperament Semi-Aggressive

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