Yi Ding Straight Cut Scissors are specially designed for cutting and trimming even the smallest leaf of any plant with ease in an Aquascaped or Planted Aquariums. The sleek and well balanced design of the Yi Ding straight cut scissors makes them quite comfortable on the hand and fingers for any Aquatic Gardener.


Quick Facts,

* Straight Cut Scissors.
* 27cm in Length.

* Aquascaping Tool.

* Comfortable to Use for Long Periods of Time.

* Extremely Sharp Blades. 

* Suitable for Cutting and Trimming Vertically.

* Comfortable Grip.

* Long Life Time.

* Easy to Use.



Packaging Size: 30cm Long x 9cm Wide x 4cm High

Items in packaging: 1

Yi Ding Straight Cut Scissors 40,000 KHR

SKU: 9250000009300

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